Verdauungsretter Feed coal, made from forest wood

Verdauungsretter 30g (1 Piece)
Verdauungsretter 30g (1 Piece)
Verdauungsretter 30g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 30g
2.70 €



Feed coal, made from forest wood

Due to its large inner surface, the Anifit feed charcoal has the property to bind and transport a variety of substances.

The charcoal is not absorbed by the body, but is excreted through the digestive tract. It is therefore popular for removing toxins from the gastrointestinal tract and combating diarrhea.


When absorbing toxins, activated charcoal can also be helpful. The substances are bound and do not enter the bloodstream. However, once a toxin is in the bloodstream, activated charcoal cannot help. It only binds substances/poisons that are in the intestines.



Vegetable charcoal from renewable forests

Analytical components

2 % Pure protein, 0 %  raw oils and fats, 85 %, raw fibre, 5 % crude ash, 2 % NfE (~carbohydrates), C-value > 80 % in dry matter

Feeding recommendation

For acute diarrhea, add 5-10 g per day to the meal. In case of a cure, add 2-3 g per day to the meal.

Do not use simultaneously with antibiotics and other medications!


Food supplement for dogs and cats

30 g (small bag for short term use)


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